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Thank you for viewing a few highlight sequences from some of our recent weddings. We love capturing all of the intimate and important details of your wedding or special event. Please review these special moments we have had the pleasure of taking part in. 
Our Wedding Story

Thanks for viewing the many intimate moments from some of our favorite weddings.

Jamal & Patricia's Highlight Video

William & Alex's Highlight Video

Lance & Rodnesha Wedding Prep

Dee & E'mya's Wedding Day

Val & Joy's Wedding Reception

Sarah & Glen's Wedding Story

Arnetia & Chris Colley

Power House Model Institute

Zoe Victoria Clothing Designs

Mother Tribute

Mother Tribute

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Runway J'Dore Clothing with Power House Models

We love a good, classical wedding! This one such a beautiful elegant wedding. The weather was perfect and the bride looked so regal in her dress. 


Most memorable wedding moment:
The food was amazing! There's nothing better than a good dance floor
with a great DJ and some good food. 
Watch beautiful marriage ceremony from AJ and Weihao's wedding. The groom is Chinese and the bride is Philippino, which makes a beautiful wedding full of family love. 


Most memorable wedding moment:
The 12 COURSE reception dinner with Chinese food and Phillapino food...made family style.


It was such an honor to be a part of the wedding journey for Val and Joy. They have been together since they were 13 and their love for one another really shined through their wedding moments on video. We started with their engagement pictures and even was part of Joy's Bridal Shower! That was fun to capture the photos! 

Most memorable wedding moment:
Joy's big smile as she walked down the aisle with her father. The lighting graced her face so perfectly. Seeing Val's reaction was priceless. 

P.S. The Power House Hair and Make-up team did Joy's Make-up along with the Mother of the Bride. This is one of the perks you can add to your wedding package. 


Laura and Kyle had a beautiful wedding in the rural backyard of Fort Worth, Texas at the Bell Chapel and Tower. With Laura's southern style and hospitality mixed with Kyle's New Jersey Flair, this  was sure to be a fun and memorable wedding. 


Most memorable wedding moment:
Eating New York-Style pizza in Odessa, Texas that was cooked fresh on site. I’ve never had pizza this good!


Amanda and Jeff had a creative twist on their wedding. Jeff is from the NYC and his family never had sweet tea. For the dinner rehearsal in Odessa, Texas, Amanda ordered the traditional Rosas Cafe (amazing Mexican food with gallons of sweet tea).
For their wedding night we had a plated dinner and for an evening snack, Jeff topped it off with traditional New York style pizza, roasted on-site with a huge outside grill. This is where the South Collides with the North! 


Most memorable wedding moment:
The bride and groom dancing with their best friends at the reception. They have a truly lasting relationship.


Watch this testimony from the Thrall Group Company about their experience with Power House Film Productions. The are repeat clients and are growing in their business as Power House grows.

Most memorable video moment:
Chemistry from the two at their wedding.


Watch as this beautiful couple prepare for the arrival of Baby Amaree Favors. Jasnay is excited to meet her little bundle of joy. Jasnay's dad keeps her spirits uplifted with encouraging words and jokes. He made me laugh the entire night as we waited for baby Amaree to arrive. I spent the night in the hospital room with the Amaree's family while her mother was in labor. It felt like a family affair. It was such an honor for the fam to allow me to film and capture her first moments in out of the womb. 


Most memorable wedding moment:
Baby Amaree opening her eyes during the video. She was asleep and gave us a glimpse of her eyes as we filmed her in baby area. The timing was just right! 


The Cokers were a blast to work with. These two are made for each other. With their goofy personalities and light-hearted spirits, we had fun during the events leading up to the wedding. I laughed so much during our photoshoots with these two. 
We enjoyed their engagment session together, as well as Amber's bridal session.


Most memorable wedding moment:
The beautiful dress the Bride wore. 


Set on the backdrop of a beautiful golf course, Lydia and Dustin's wedding was a beautiful union in Philadelphia. 


Most memorable wedding moment:
The wedding party photo session on the green beautiful golf course. This was perfect to capture these memorable moments.


I remember Lacie's beautiful smile that shined bright on her face when she walked down the runway. And I remember how Kale lit up when you saw his beautiful bride in her dress. 


Power House Photography and Video had the opportunity to be a part of this inspirational love story as it blossomed forth.

Most memorable wedding moment:
Lacie's consistent smile throughout the whole day. She was like a little kid.


Oslo and Candace were meant for each other. They truly compliment each other. This was an elegant ceremony set at the church Candace grew up in. The reception was set on the beautiful lake at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth. My staff and I enjoyed filming and photographing the couple with Classic Art in the backdrop at the Modern Museum.  


Most memorable wedding moment:
The different flavors of popcorn and candy table during the reception. 


Power House can help assist in your business needs for video services. Whether you are promoting a product, your brand with lifestyle videos, or your business, we are sure to help you launch forward. 
Most memorable video moment:
Kristina laughing durning her video shoot (non-stop behind the scenes). She is so full of joy.


Marcus and Nikita's wedding took place on the classic European and elegant Chapel at The Piazza in The Village. To date, this is one of my favorite venues to shoot at. I love the Mediterranean columns and the cracked glass. And the bridal room is absolutely beautiful. This was the perfect beautiful sunny day in June. 

Most memorable wedding moment:
The wedding party champagne toast right before the ceremony. They were ready to party. 


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